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    I need you help. My computer was infected by various viruses which I have cleaned using McAfee and regedit manual work.
    explore.exe virus
    Backdoor-GI virus
    IRC/Flood versions

    were the viruses. I still have one unexplained but irritating symptom. When I boot my computer the first time I get all the way past login and the usual Windows I am starting sound and right before the task bar shows up my computer freezes. I have to hit CTL ALT DEL to restart the computer. The second time it starts perfectly about 90-95% of the time. Please help. This is highly irritating.

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    An explanation.
    When a system boots up for the first time (cold boot)it goes through a process.
    When you do the reboot (warm boot) ctrl alt del the process is slighly different as not all areas need to be checked.
    As it could be any of the viruses you mention I would do a google search ( and look for "removing <virus name> etc removing Backdoor-GI virus
    You may have to do a lot of work here.