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    I bought a 2nd hand computer from a guy who had advertised in the local press a few months back which had windows XP pro loaded onto it. I knew very little about computers at the time (and still dont) and the guy never gave me any CD's or anything with the computer. Well one day I was trying to do something and I cant remember exactly how but I ended up at microsofts update page where I tried to download SP1 but it would not let me. After doing some investigating and talking to friends I am led to believe this is a software piracy issue.

    I tried to find the guy who sold me but he's gone from the student accomodation block where I met him. I guess I was somewhat naive at the time but now I am worried as I've been told that my computer is now more or less useless; that I cant remove XP unless I have the original CD and that eventually the version on my computer now will stop working! is this true or are these just scare stories?

    What I would like to do is get rid of the version on my computer and buy a new CD so that everything is proper, as things stand will I be able to do this?

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    You certainly can buy a complete version of XP, either Home or Pro, and install it in your computer. XP is very installation friendly.. Set you Bios to boot from the CR-Rom, insert the CD then shut down. Restart and follow the simple directions to install your new system. No F-disk or formating necessary, XP does it all. Delete any partitions that the installation finds and install to the new partition you tell it to create. If you are the least bit nervous about the install, most computer shops (including Best Buy and Comp USA) will load your new system at no charge, if purchased there. Your major problem will be the drivers necessary for your hardware (video card, modem, Ethernet card, Etc.) You will probably have to identify their manufacturer and download the drivers from thier website. Here again, your computer shop should be able to do this for you.
    As far as the problem downloading SP1, I can only say that I install SP1 on unregistered XP systems with no problem. When I build a system for a client, I install an OEM version of XP, then do all the updates, including SP1, prior to delivery. That allows the client to register and name his computer.