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    I keep getting the evil blue screen whenever I boot up along with this message:


    "A problem has been detected. Windows has been shut down to prevent any damage to your computer. If this is the first time you have seen this message, reboot your computer. If you have seen this message before, make sure any new hardware is properly installed and uninstall or disable any new programs you have recently installed."


    I checked my Norton Anti-Virus Log, which had the following entry:

    Date: 2/2/2003, Time: 23:54:26
    Script Blocking detected suspicious activity.
    File: HelpCtr.exe
    Object: FileSystem Object
    Activity: GetSpecialFolder
    This script was stopped.

    I have not installed any new hardware. I did install some programs, such as Gadwin Systems PrintScreen,'s IconPackager, BlueStarFish's Versitape and JerMar Software Corp's WinDriversBackUp. I did not install them all at once, of course, but in a span of about two weeks. I did uninstall them all when this started happening, but I still get the same message. The message also says something about erasing the BIOS memory or "cache" or "shadow" but when I go into BIOS, I can't find anything about memory or where I am supposed to go to adjust the settings.

    I have WinXP, ASUS P4 1.6, 512MB

    So, what is this all about? Help!
    I would GREATLY appreciate your advice.
    This is really worrying me.

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    boot in safe mode or off a disk then do system restore
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