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    Walter Wauhkonen

    Default Download from Internet Radio

    RE: Windows 98

    I found a radio station on the internet and I would like to download a
    program. Can I and how do I go about doing this?



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    You cannot download from a streaming audi/video.
    What you are hearing or seeing is not one file but a continous live stream, similar to a normal radio/TV.
    However you can record the stream using special programs such as total record from
    Remember that the quality will not be as high as normal CD or even MP3. It will depend on your connections speed (DSL/Cable is better) and net congestion (breaks in the stream)
    Alternativly you can hook up a tape deck to the line out or Headphone socket of your sound card.
    You can even use a VCR to record audio only using the same as above. Video tape actually records a better quality than audio tape.
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