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    Default cannot delete email using Incredimail - Help

    I downloaded Incredimail about 2 months ago and thought it was great, but all of a sudden I can't delete anything. When I click on the email, the contents are just blank, and I can't delete them.
    I have uninstalled Incred' and then re-installed it and when it came back on, the whole amount of e-mails that were there before are back - almost like they were never uninstalled.

    Please Help me - I'm going mad here

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    The most likely cause is a corrupted file.
    You don't say if after reinstalling the problem was fixed.
    When deleting email move them to the Deleted Items folder. At any time you can empty that folder by right clicking on it and choosing "Empty Deleted Items Folder"
    Incredimail stores emails in various imm and imh files located in the incredimail\data\identities\(a number)\message store folder. They are encrypted and can only be read within Incredimail.
    When you empty the delete items folder the actual relative imm and imh files are deleted and new ones created whenever you add more emails to delete items.
    Also look under Tools/Options for the Empty Deleted Items on exit option.
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