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    Default Windows XP Pro Setup

    I have a Maxtor 60GB hard drive with 3 partitions (C,D,G) drive C: has a copy of Windows XP Home that i never activated so i wanted to format that partition... D: has Windows XP Pro but it is messin up (thats why i wanna reinstall Windows XP Pro on drive C and G: is for data and all that jazz

    my XP CD is really messed up and 1 of my CD-Roms wont read it but the other will.. i tried to copy all the files in the i386 folder to my hard drive liek you would for a remote installing server but some files couldnt be copied! i have about 4980 files out of 5900 and some files needed for installation.. hmm
    first off..
    when i try to format the C: drive in Windows XP Pro. it says windows was unable to complete format =\ (i went to my computer > right click Local drive C: > format)

    i ran the first set up step just fine then i had to restart, at the OS option menu i picked Windows XP Pro Installation or whatever like i should have and it goes on and i tell it to install on drive C: but soon as i do i get a "blue screen of death" and i restart and it does it to me everytime.. AH!

    help please


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    Before you jump in the water you can get a replacement CD from Microsoft. After all they own the cd's contents, you just have a licence for a working version which they must supply.
    As for the version on your system, even if not activated it still exists and you cannot upgrade to XP pro from the home version.
    The difference between the two is not that great. The pro version includes a few extra tools and unless you are in a commercial enviroment and running a network you will not notice any real difference. You may be wasting your money.
    If you have not activated the home version and therefore not accepted the licence agreement you are entitiled to a refund from Microsoft providing you return the CD. (US Govt ruling applies)
    To install XP Pro you have one real choice and that is to repartition and reformat the drive.
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    I returned the Home edition and got Pro.
    turned on the comp.. formatted everything.. freshly installed pro and everything is ok.. just wish it didnt take so long for them to give my money back lol