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    Default Graphics card with TV-out causing problems with Power DVD

    Please can somebody help me with a serious answer?
    I have an Nvidia Geforce4 MX460 graphics card with TV-out and am currently running Windows 98. I have the Power DVD software installed.
    Some DVDs run fine, but some DVDs will not play as the TV-out is enabled, even though it is not in use. I can see why the DVD publishers would do this, but I can't find any way of disabling the TV-out on the graphics card. I have even downloaded TVtool which hasn't helped as it shows the TV-out as inactvive.
    Can somebody please give me some advice on how to get round this problem so that I can play any DVD? I can't be the only person that has come across this problem!
    Jay, UK.

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    First I refuse to pay for, hire or buy and demand a refund for any DVD that does not play on my computer.
    The same goes for any CD that I cannot make a backup copy of.
    As for you problem NVIDIA have macrovision alogrithm imbedded in their chip set as set out by the DVD forum.
    This prevents DVD's being viewed via TV Out.
    Most Nvidia based cards use the BrookTree chip or the Chrontel chip so
    TV-tool may work on your card. It dsiables Macrovision.
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