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    Default My computer restarts when using hardware acceleration

    pentium4 2.8
    ati radeon 9700 pro
    soyo p4x400 dragon ultra motherboard
    winxp pro operating system
    directx 9.0a

    i believe that my video card may be defective but i do not know how do properly diagnose the problem. i have suspition it may be the motherboard also. how can i figure out what my problem is?

    when using programs that move alot of memory my computer will unexpectedly restart. example adobe photoshop, games that require alot of hardware acceleration, also when using transparency options on desktop.

    my email is please help me if you can with advice on properly diagnosing the problem as well as a solution.

    thank you

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    A couple of other things that will cause spontaneous reboots are overheating of your processor, and power supply failure, or a PSU that is not sufficient to run your hardware. Here is a general guide to help determine if your power supply can handle what you have hooked up to it. Wattage is not the only thing to take a look at here. Your CPU, case fans and more all run on the 12v rail of the PSU. These units are not all created equal. You may simply be overloading it, you can do a rough calculation with the information provided on the link.

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    From your desktop, click the Start button.

    2. Click on Settings.

    3. Click on Control Panel.

    4. Double-click on System.

    5. In the System Properties box, select the Performance tab.

    6. Under Advanced Settings, click the Graphics button.

    7. Slide the Hardware Acceleration bar to None.

    8. Click OK. Then close all of your windows.

    The computer will prompt you to restart your computer. Once you have restarted, test the program to see if you are still experiencing the problems you were having.

    If the program plays without error, you can try sliding the Hardware Acceleration bar back towards Full one increment at a time until you find the optimum acceleration setting for your system.

    How will this setting affect your computer?

    The hardware acceleration is a setting that affects the graphics on your computer. It mostly affects games and 3D software since these are the most graphically intensive programs. Some programs operate better with a lower acceleration, and other work better with a higher acceleration. It is up to you to try different settings to find the happy medium that will suite your needs.

    NOTE: You should first turn your hardware acceleration all the way to None to determine if it is the cause to your problem. If it is, then you can try change the settings one increment at a time towards full. If you still encounter problems with the acceleration at none, then the acceleration is not the cause to your problem and so should be set back to full.
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    thanks for the response!

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    i had the same problem with my p4x400 mobo and turn out that it might be the ram try switching the slots (while grounded to ur case :-) ) or if that dosent work switch out the ram u have with ram u know works.

    good luck :P