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    Hi i recently upgraded my computer from a hp 534 mhz with 128mb ram to a custom 1.2ghz duron, 256mb ddr, well basically a whole new computer with my old hp harddrive. And i have been encountering a strange mp3 problem. For some reason certain mp3s (which im sure worked before) are becoming large (like turning from 5mb to 50 mb) and its not being converted to wav, its still in mp3 form. This is happening all by itself. I delete the songs that do this, but then the next day another song is doing it. They are growing and becoming distorted. A 3 min song becomes a hour song, but theres a little music then a hour of silence. I put a cd full of mp3s in my computer (backup of previously infected songs)
    and even the cd says the song is 50mb or so when its supposed to be 5. Now i know the cd cant be changed like that, so my computer is somehow reading it wrong and distorting these songs. If anyone can offer help i would really appreciate it. Thank you so much

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    I would say whatever media player you are using is the cause.
    MP3 files are really compressed wav files and when played on an MP3 player they are actually decompressed temporarily.
    Maybe your player is just making a mess of the process.
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