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    Thomas Nelson

    Default Supanet ISP

    I recently bought a new computer from TIME, with windows XP home.

    However, every time I start my computer, a program called 'SUPANET' loads up and prompts me to register. SUPANET are a dial up ISP. I don't need SUPANET because I have broadband instead.

    I am trying to get rid of SUPANET.

    I have looked in ADD/ REMOVE programs and it is not listed, and I have also looked in the registry and found no sign of it. It is not listed in MSCONFIG's start up sequence either.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Thomas Nelson

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    look in here also....

    C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

    where %username%=the user name you use to logon to the computer.

    And this "register" window. Is it an Internet Explorer window or does it look as if it's a part of an application? If it seems to be an Internet Explorer window download a program named SpyBot Search and Destroy. You may have spyware on your computer.

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    BT guy


    I was at Thomas's house earlier today.

    This thing looks as though it's part of an application. It keeps on asking him to sign up to supanet internet access.

    I doubt it's spyware because it was on the computer when he bought it, and before he connected to the internet.

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    There are a number of places this can be hiding but basically it is a command that loads when your computer starts up.
    Click on Start then Run type in msconfig.exe and click OK.
    Look under the Startup tab and locat the line that loads this prompt.
    Click on the tick box to remove the tick and reboot.
    If you see a notice pop up when rebooting accept the changes.
    If you do not see any command and you have been unable to locate any refeence in the Start Up folder ( see Partie's answer) it can also be in the start up folder under All Users or any other user.
    If you fail there then I would guess that TIME has either included a modified version of explorer with an add on built into it or included in some other software, especially if everything was pre-installed.
    If you have the Windows XP CD and other software on CD's you could reformat and reinstall what you want.
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    time/tiny have loked ther modems to supanet you either have to unregister via the net from supanet or replace your modem driver