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    I'm running Windows 98 on a Dell optiplex gx110. I know that when you download programs from the internet, you invariably get "extra stuff". How can I clean up 2 and a half years of blight with out reformatting the hard drive and starting over. Is there a program that will find old unused downloaded programs and/or spyware and uninstall them? :roll:
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    To get rid of spyware & adware download and run Ad-Aware from here:

    Also do general "houscleaning" regularly i.e clear out temp files & temp internet files, remove programmes that you no longer use (by using uninstall from the prog or add/remove from control panel), run defrag etc.
    Also If you have downloaded programmes and chose "save to disc" rather than "open" or "run" then it is OK to delete these save to disc files (but never delete the programmes themselves)

    I believe there are 3rd party applications out there that will scan discs for duplicate files & data and do genereal housecleaning for you. Dont know the names but they are often found on the CD's given away with computer mags.


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    Bottom line. You cannot get rid of all the junk without reformatting no matter how many tools you use.
    That is life with computers be them Macs, Unix or Windows.
    A standard rule which goes back to the abacus (which needed beads replaced) is reformat every 12 months minimum, more often if you install and uninstall loads of software.
    Believe me the pain is worth it and it is the ONLY way to get a system back to 100% health.
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