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    Default Microsoft Outlok Email Account Setup

    Seem to be having problems getting Outlook to get my Email on Hotmail and Juno. Setup Outlook Express on another computer of mine with no problems. Juno is changing from a POP3 service in June so I shouldn't have had any problems plugging in the usual info: and It picked up the correct ports, but clicking on SEND/RECEIVE button I keep getting indications it is executing, but the USER NAME/PASSWORD box keeps returning a few seconds after filling out info and clicking OK. Hotmail account fails right off.

    I'm 62 and both my computer and I are slow so I extended server time on setup to 5 minutes. Tried other combos of site links, etc. Nothing works. If you know what to put in blocks to set up Juno and Hotmail accounts in Outlook, I would appreciate the info. Please keep it simple. If you have other ideas of the problems, I'm ready to learn.

    Thanks. Starting to love Help2Go just browsing all the good info.

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    With Juno going POP3 I would contact them re the mail server name. I have a feeling the one you are using is incorrect.
    With Hotmail, not being a hotmail user (I hate spam) many of these free email services now charge to have email downloadable.
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