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    Default Deleting User From XP

    A lady I know has a problem....her husband took all their money and their car and split. The only thing he left her is the computer (she doesn't know much about computers, and I was VERY pressed for time when I looked at it). All I know about it is it's a Dell, 1.8 GB, 256 MB RAM, 60 GB Hard Drive, and she uses Win XP (about which I know little). Apparently he also spent a lot of time going to porno sites and chat rooms.

    After he left, she called AOL and they "told her how to remove him from the system" (supposedly also removing whatever he put on....but that is what I'm questioning). Her system is WAY too sluggish.

    So, I installed and ran SSD and AAW (did not have time for any of this, including updates, so I showed her how to run those programs and told her how to update it later). Anyway, AAW found 191 objects, and I removed them. (Told her to update AAW later and re-run it). Did the same with SSD.

    I have other questions, but the first one is two parts:

    1. Should she run AAW and SSD for each user?

    2. How can she be sure she has removed all traces of whatever he put on the machine (as of now, he is off as a user....I just don't know about whatever he put in the system....and I don't know what the AOL person had her do).

    BTW, she does have administrator priviliges when she signs on.

    Thanks for any help. As I said, I have other questions about her system, but will keep them all in this thread.


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    If she has the original XP disk or a set of original recovery disks, you can back up all of her settings and documents to cd or floppy. Reformat the hard drive which will erase everything, reload OS and restore her settings and documents from backup. That would eliminate everything that wasn't hers. I'm sure there will be other suggestions. You said you also have other issues with this computer, this approach may clean up many of them. Run a virus scan and spyware scan after reloading her files just in case you reload something fishy. Charlie