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    Default Waiting on one problem, gain another one since last night.

    While waiting for a answer on my other post, here is another problem I have. So , canuck, basementgeek and steamwiz and rest, who ever gets to my other post and this. I got some major mess happening. Here is what keeps coming up on my puter.

    First I ran my virus program avg, nothing detected it. My virus cleaner did but said cant fix it.

    Ok, here is what I got and the area I think. Anyways, a bug and cant rid of fix. This is what my virus clean detected.


    Virus: Trojan horse download. agent. av is found in file: C:\windows\system32\targetsetup.exe

    Heck what ever that is. Maybe it can be found in hijack log. Which is in the post waiting for next step. Also if , can run a second hijack log and see if anything else got picked up. Let me know either here or in a PM message.

    Tell me not to smash puter yet. LOL

    About ready too. Also I keep getting a spyboc ad poppingup and driving me nuts. Also I can not download a firewall , as found out only have about 30 megs of memory and think cause I got lot of files that need to be removed that taking up space from previous programs I had andremoved and some didnt go.

    Well, this is driving me total buggy here. Just about ready to format harddrive and start all over.

    I have compaq and cant do it. As they have all crap in the puter. Less I do a restore. Not sure if that fix the problem or just start all over again.
    Hopefully can clean this up so I dont have too. That is my last resort.


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    Sandy, please be patient. Wait for you HJT log to be looked at and then if no joy, we'll help you along. As you can see, there are a lot of people asking for logs to be looked at. Our main man Steamwiz tries to answer these in order of posting, be assured he will get to you. You may have noticed that your subject line has (HJT) in it; it was put there in order to assist in identifying logs to be looked at. By the way, Steam is in England so we must take into consideration the time difference, others are learning the HJT process and we do have a few others that pop in once in a while to help out, but realistically steam is our main resource.

    PS I see steam has answered your log question and has asked you to keep to one post (thread), so I will lock this one down. Any further communication should be through your HJT post. Thanks

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    Targetsetup.exe probably relates to a legitimate program called VTune.
    This is the Intel chip Performance Anylizer.
    Why AVG sees this as a trojan may be just a fault as it it not listed as a virus or trojan in their database.
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