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    Default How do i delete Nprotect Dir and its nondetectable files ??

    hi, i have this problem
    i installed norton antivirus + Norton protected recycle bin a while ago.
    i have however since then uninstalled it.
    the problem now however, is that thee is a hidden folder
    named Nprotect in a Recycler folder in my harddrive.
    it is occupying something like 1.2 gigs.
    i would like to get rid of it. however, any attempts to delete
    it results in it saying that the file is not found.
    in properties, the file occupies a space of 0 bytes.
    however, in explorer, it does occupy space, there is even one file which is 700mb+ !!!

    the file names are number, like:
    there is a "." but no extension, and i cannot even rename them....
    please help me if possible. thanx.

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    Sorry, forgot to mention
    i'm using Win XP Pro with Service Pack 1

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    Right-click the Recycle Bin icon, and click Properties.
    Click the Global tab.
    Click "Use one setting for all drives."
    Click the Recycle Bin tab.
    Click "Standard Recycle Bin."
    Change the text in the Title box to "Recycle Bin."
    Click the Norton Protection tab.
    Select a drive, and then uncheck Enable Protection. Repeat for each drive.
    Click Empty Protected Files.
    Click OK twice.
    Restart the computer.
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    Thanx for the help,
    but it may be something to do with me having
    too many drives......
    i can only see the Global Tab......
    the rest of the tabs are all my hard drives
    (3 Hard disks, 10 drives, including Global, total 11 tabs),
    no Recycle Bin or Norton Protection tab.