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    Default Cannot delete file/folder

    About a month ago I noticed a folder in C:/Documents and settings.....I had not put it there nor did I want I tried to delete it...but it won't delete....I even tried safe mode to delete it. And on advice from another techy guy, I attempted to go into CMD and delete it but evidently did not know how to do it or it didn't work. NOW......yesterday I attempted to download a file and it failed.......BUT now I have the file on my desk top and it will not delete. Again I tried safe mode no with the other file when I try to delete it I get a message saying "Cannot delete (file/folder) : it is being used by another person or program. Close any program that might be using the file and try again".

    Firstly.....I don't know which "other" program I need to shut down in order to delete......and there are no "other" people using the file. I have ran a virus scan (Norton....latest definitions), Ad Aware, Spy Blocker and everything else I can think of.....still cannot dlete the file. .....Please help me with this !

    I don't really want to reformat in order to get rid of these files.............

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    Default Cannot delete file / folder

    Sound like you've picked up a nasty.

    Follow these steps these in order :

    Control Panel > Internet Options : Clear History > Yes, Delete Files > OK, Delete Cookies > OK

    : Settings > View Files, if any files still there click Edit > Select All > File > Delete

    Scan your system for viruses, you can get a free online scan here:

    Download, install and update Adaware here :

    Download, install and update Spybot Search and Destroy here :

    Run Adaware first, you can safely remove anything it finds. Then run Spybot S+D and delete anything shown in red.

    Download CWShredder here :
    Disconnect from the internet and close all running programs before running this one.

    Once you've done all that, download, install and update Spywareblaster here :
    This will prevent further spyware infections. Check for updates about once a week, otherwise just leave it to do its' job.

    If you are still having problems, download Hijack This here :
    Run it and post a log to this thread. Make sure you check the 'preserve my spacing' box before copying the log.

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    Folders are created withing Documents & Settings by many installed programs.
    This is quite legitimate.
    Some of these folders contain information vital to the running of the relevent software.
    In your case the application is running and therefore you cannot delete the folder.
    What you need to determine is which program created the folder.
    Does the folder contain any files? If so what are their names? What name has this folder. (If the answers are something that you do not want posted PM me.)
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