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Thread: C D rom Drive

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    Default C D rom Drive

    I have run into a problem with my CD Rom Drive. Recently , whenever

    I put a CD rom in the tray and try to access data I get a window which

    reads ..........G:\not accessible..the drive is not ready. What could be

    the problem and how could I remedy same..Thanks.


    O/s is Win 95..4gigs HD ..2 gigs free space .32 megs ram..Sony Pcv-150

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    First click Start > Control Panel > System.. Look under Device Manager and under CD Rom double click. If there Is a yellow exclamation mark then the driver needs to be reinstalled. If it is Working Properly then the drive itself is the problem.
    Buy a CD Rom cleaning CD and run it.
    If that fails toss it in the bin and replace it. CD Roms cost next to nothing.
    If the system is as old os Win95 I would say the Drive is history.
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