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    Default A website set itself as hompage overriding my settings

    A web search website (address: res://bynmj.dll/index.html#96676) set itself as my homepage. When I tried to get rid off it by retyping in the 'Internet Settings' menu it set itself back. Then I tried to find the '.dll' or any file related to this page, since I suppose it`s hidden somewhere in my PC, but without any success.
    This website supports lots of popups mainly about similar sites. Also, when I type in the address bar ,for example '' it doesn't take me to 'google' but instead it shows it's own results. If I want to get to a particular site I have to type the full name with 'www' which usually wasn't necessary before.
    Also, when in Google, for example, I search for other sites as soon as the results show up in Google this new site pops up giving a list of it's own results, mainly about similar sites again.
    As you can see, it's really annoying and I haven't seen anything like this before. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or know how to get rid off it. I appreciate any help. Thanks in advance 8O

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    Please read the following article and do as asked, if after you still have the problem post your Hijackthis log.