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    on booting up windows xp, it gets to the black screen with windows xp and little blue scrolling bar, then it all goes black and hangs, sometimes you have to fully restart and try again. Also when it runs it runs really well and fast, but if you try and defrag or run a scan disk it starts and then goes to a black screen again, restarting is the only way of recovery! I have bought a new motherboard, new hard drive, new RAM and have a good fully working graphics card. All drivers are the latest, ran dxdiag ok, created a boot disc with no difference in booting so not the boot master, managed to complete a defrag and scan disk in safe mode ok but still it does it, a lot! Please help!!

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    Takes us to the monitor. Maybe that is where the fault is.
    Usually if the problem is at the system level their is some activity on the screen even if just a blinking cursor or some static.
    I suggest you have the moniotr checked out by a technician.
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