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    Default Good 2 go or waste of money?

    I personally have used Compaq computers for years, often they've earned a bad rep with me due to eager-to-make-sales people at places like CircuitCity. I ain't bashin' though.

    I will be buying a computer soon and I found a compaq presario AMD 3200+, 200gb drive, 512mb, dvd+rw, the usual you expect these days, you know. The price tag ain't bad at $750. I intend on disablin' on board video and puttin' in a Radeon 9800 pro (i read nvidia is known for conflicting w/ amd processors), the sound is also onboard but i'm fairly sure it's the new intel surround as it claims to support up to 6 speaker configz though in time i'll likely replace this as well.

    Ok, my question is, is this setup, w/ the radeon, a good gamin' rig? I Intend on playin' Doom III and Far Cry.

    i was originally going to buy a sony Vaio w/ a 9800 pro, though that system had 1gig of ram (which i would upgrade to anyway) and a smaller 160gb drive; the price tag was also about 2x as much. The system seems a good deal.

    Also, i was wondering if any of you could tell me if this model (Compaq SR1150NX) is using compaq original hardware or they finally wised up and started using atx spec moboz? i have an older presario which uses a riser card and it's crap to upgrade or fit into a standard atx case; not gonna happen. Well, anything ya'll can tell me i'd appreciate.

    I am btw computer literate, very much so. I simply have not purchased anything nearly as powerful in years and so this is a major upgrade for me from my current system which is still a p2; i'll leave it at that.

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    The bottom line is Compaq is now made by HP. They use propietry parts making the system hard and expensive to upgrade. $ for $ they are overprices and underpowered compared with most generic brands.
    A good test is ask any independent retailer what he would pay for a brand new HP or Compaq, in the box, if you had one to sell. My guess would be around 25% of what you paid
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