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    salabh sharma

    Default slow speed of computer

    when i run the computer runs very slow speed and all the software open very slowspeed and when i run the msoffice 2000 after run the suddenly close without any command.

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    HI Could be many reasons your computer is.running slow.

    First thought have you run defrag and scan disk lately, if not could run the see if it helps, have you any Anti spyware progams like Ad aware or spybot , if not think you should dowload at least 1 of them and run it.
    as you could have things running in the background slowing your computer down, have done a virus scan lately if not run one

    Have a look here but just for a start i would download spybot or Ad aware have been told Ad aware is picking up more at the moment so [prob best choice]
    Ad aware download download free version

    Ad aware instuctions

    if you are unsure what to remove after scan with Ad aware you have the option to put them in quarantine i would do this just in case you delete any thing you may want to keep, you can allways delete them later.

    Regards Stoney

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    You are running software that is really designed for bigger systems.
    Office 2000 was designed for XP running on a pentium IV.
    There are several things you can do to boost performance and the first is add more memory.
    Another factor is a crammed hard drive. 20% minimum should always be kept free to allow a decent size Swap File. The solution there is uninstall or upgrade to a larger drive.
    Office also includes a fast find utility that reindexes files on a regular basis. You can remove this via the Add/Install of through the Office installation disk.
    Othe causes are running too many things in the backgorund, especially auto updates. Apart for your anti virus scanner stop anything else from running especially Browser tool bars and other third party add ons.
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    Actually, I think Office 2K runs just fine on a 500 MHz Win98 box. One of my computers is Win98 and is actually slower than 500 MHz and I have no problems with Office 2K on it.

    Here are some things you can do to speed up your computer:

    -- Delete all temp files (c:\windows\temp\*.tmp)

    -- Delete temporary internet files (c:\windows\temporary internet files\*.*)

    -- If you use I.E., click on Tools, Internet Options, Delete Files, select "delete all off-line content", click OK

    -- Click on Start, Programs, Accessories, Systems Tools, Disk Cleanup

    -- Download AdAware, check for updates, run it and remove whatever it finds

    -- Download Diskeeper and defrag

    Hedda Lora