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    Default Scanned Schematic

    Using HP Precision Flatbed Scanner I scanned a schematic to my

    computer...O/S Win 95... and saved same to desktop. ..[In paint] I want

    to paste same to a refrigeration forum for interpretation. I tried the

    normal copy/paste and it didn't do I get around this ?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Older versions of Paint only saves files as BMP that can be very large. I suggest you scan the pic and save it as a jpg or if it has less than 256 colors a gif file. If this is not possible download Irfanview from and convert the pic to either.
    If you are talking about adding this pic to a forum similar to this the picture needs to be uploaded to a web site first. It cannot be simply pasted into a forum.
    There are two possible ways, this will depend on the forum itself.
    Once method is to upload the picture to the forum's server,if allowed, the other is provide a link within the forum to the pics source.
    An example is below.
    In this forum, when compiling this answer I click the IMG icon which inserted the opening HTML tag "[img]" Then I added the url and closed the command with another "[img]" tag. Do not include the brackets.
    You can see the url address by right clicking the pic and choosing properties.

    If you do not have a web site then you can use one of the many free sites that allow photos and pics to be uploaded. HP provide this service at

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