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    Hey! i had problems with some trojan horses but i did what someone here told me to do and it works. But now i keep reciving some messages from my avg (free edition) and it tells me that i have a trojan horse downloader.small.4.BQ and when i run avg it doesnt find the trojan horse. I did already a online scan in this page ( and it found some virus but it didnt catch this one.
    Another question is why have my computer so many problems with trojan horses? what should i do?

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    Where does AVG say this trojan is? You don't tell us what operating system you're using. Assuming it's XP, it's quite possibly in the restore file, if this is the case, rt click on My Computer>Properties>Click the System Restore tab>Check Turn off System Restore>Click Apply, and then click OK.

    Then reboot. Next Turn ON System Restore by reversing the above process>on the Desktop, right-click My Computer >Click Properties >
    Click the System Restore tab > UN-Check *Turn off System Restore*>Click Apply, and then click OK.

    While you're there, set the slide button to about 3% not the default 12% (this will free up more hd space and still give lots of restore points.)

    Hope this helps.

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    As unpopular as this may be with you I am closing this post.

    You never bothered/took the time to complete this other post you started about the problems you had. See this below:

    Had you finished this topic just maybe you would not be back 3 weeks later with a similiar problem

    Not completing this thread/problem is about the same as going to a doctor. The doctor gives you a prescription of pills. The directions say take all of them until finished. You start feeling better and decide to stop taking them, then you are unhappy because you are sick again.

    Add this to your other thread. Before you do, run the Pandasoft scan, then AVG again. If it can't be removed follow canuck suggestion about turning off the XP restore