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    Default Download. Trojan

    I use McAfee for virus protection, Zone Alarm for firewall. The other day I managed to pick up a virus anyway, Download.Trojan. I was able to get my system to a point where I could locate the virus through McAfee, and I'm sure I successfully removed it. However, I have so many ad/spyware/malware or whatever they are called, on my computer, that I don't know where to start on getting rid of them. I run adware almost daily, and continue to see items come up on a regular basis, webhancer for one.

    Not sure what to do. I apologize if this is a repeat questiosn. I have read all the postings I could find regarding webhancer, cpr_mm2.exe etc., but there are so many details, and my problem doesn't seem to fit the info already posted.

    Also, trying to find info on pokh.exe. This seems to be running in the background.. is this suppose to be there (I'm thinking no).

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    Taking into consideration both your posts, I suggest you read and follow ALL the steps in this article . When you get to the point of downloading Highjack This, create a file of it's own for it eg C:/Highjack This (save to this file and run the program from there, this will keep all the info in one place).