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Thread: Runner Error

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    Default Runner Error

    I am getting the following error every time I boot up my computer:

    Runner Error
    Invalid BackWeb application
    id "137903"

    I did a search and this looks like an HP file because there are several files with this number all located in C:\Program Files\hp center\137903...

    In this location there is one application, 5 application extensions, and 2 icons.

    There is another file,, located in C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch

    this may be more info than needed but I figured it might help someone help me.

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    You may have been here already - This is the ONLY response from Google in response to your error. Regards
    EDIT: Searched AGAIN on Google and came up with 373 replies :roll: it's good to see things working so well. You could try here also -
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    We get this question from time to time. HP and Compaq use a back web program to update and troubleshoot their computers. Some spyware programs detect back web files as spyware because they are gathering info about your computer. If you remove the back web file, you get the runtime error on start up because the program that is looking for the file can't find it. The back web application isn't really necessary, just one of those HP things. Please follow this post for info on clearing the error.

    Basically, you can disable the back web program by runnig msconfig, you can permantly remove the backweb program by using Hijack This, or you can restore the back web file if you know what spyware program removed it and it has a backup file. Charlie