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    Default Problems with Outlook Express!?!?

    I have a questions about a family members computer.

    They have some sort of problem that goes away and comes back so I assume it has never been fixed. My cousin says that he gets alot of junk mail in his outlook express mail and deletes everything that isn't from people he knows. Then a few days later the icons on his desktop jump all around the screen and he has to auto arrange them to the left and then they still move but just up and down and a few minutes after that they stop. When he tries to click on them they just jump around. This lasts only a few days then it goes away and comes back.

    Does anyone know what is wrong or has anyone ever heard of this?

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    It's possible that he has downloaded a virus. Has he run a virus scan to see if the PC is clean? Suggest he read this and follow all instructions 1 to 4. If this does not solve the problem go to step 5 and post a HJT log.

    Advise your cousin that he should not have the preview page open for e-mail as viruses can be activated just in the preview pane.

    There is a possibility that this is not a virus causing the problem, but a corrupt file of the operating system. Let's first rule out virus, if that doesn't help we can look at other fixes.

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    There is a virus that can cause this. It is called W32.Magistr.24876@mm virus
    Go to
    for instuctions on how to identify if you have the virus and what to do about it.
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