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    Default sound driver problems

    Just recently had bought a new mp3 player which had some quirks and was able to fix them by putting a search in google with this forum popping up with the solution... so thx aleady for fixing that one. However I have a bit more pressing problem which has vexed me for long enough, hopefully some of you miricle workers can fix.

    What happened was a couple weeks back I bought a new hard drive, a 160 gb western digital - was on sale for cheap... and while the price might be an indicator of quality, I still got it. Now before you start on it, the second hard drive works perfectly, no problems with it at all. What happened though is after it was installed I had no audio. No sound from speakers at all.

    Now here's the real quirk, I can get the sound to work again by reinstalling the drivers, BUT, once the computer has been restarted it reverts back to a no sound state, so pretty much what I've been doing for the past weeks has just to make a short cut to the driver install on my desktop and run it right when my computer starts up. Once run the sound will work again, until the next time I turn the computer on.

    What I think is the cause of this and the association between putting this new hard drive in and my sound... well when running the activation software for the new hard drive it mentioned something bout a 136gb limit thingy inwhich it needed to make changes to the registry for it to run. It was after the restart of this in which I noticed that I no longer had any sound. It's not a problem with the hardware cause I can have sound, just have to install the drivers every single time I turn the computer on, which makes me think this has something to do with the registry, I however have no idea what to do to fix this. I would really prefer not to have to reinstall the drivers every single time I turn the computer on just to be able to get sound.

    any ideas?

    Again the hard drive was a western digital 160gb drive
    nothing shows up in the device manager as problems or conflicts
    the sound card is built into the motherboard, and uses the Avance AC97 Audio drivers.
    I have a Emachine T2040, been using it for 3 years, no problems
    Windows XP operating system and have norton system works

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    I have experienced hardware conflict problems that sound similar to what you are experiencing. Can't say if I think you are being plagued in a similar way though.

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    It's the Emachine. Sorry but probably the greatest heap of junk every built.
    Everyone I know who owns an Emachine has the same problems as soon as they upgrade anything.
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