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    Default I/O Device error on extrnal usb maxtor drive

    Ok, here is my problem:

    Device is a Maxtor 160 gb usb external hard drive.

    Backed up 2 old desktops running Windows 98 with no problem.

    Performed a “recovery” backup of laptop running XP home without problem.

    Started a back up of laptop (XP home) using “duplicate” image (so that all files would accessible).

    Part way through this back-up, I received an error message saying “unexpected system error.”

    Re-booted laptop.

    Maxtor drive is inaccessible (does show up in “My Computer”). I get an error message saying that there is a “I/O Device Error.”

    I tested drive by hooking it up to one of the Windows 98 computers. It worked fine and all files and folders show up.

    Any suggestions on how to get rid of the i/o device error?

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    What are you trying to achieve? Your question is a bit vague.
    If you are trying to move a disk image from one sytem to another it will simply not work.
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    Default How to use your external drive again.

    I have had the issue of Windows Xp Not reading any of my External Hard Drives. There was no way to recover the stuff on the disk except by using an earlier version of Windows.

    Once you have backed up your drive you have to format the drive and then re-partion the drive and then you will be able to use it on Windows XP. This is the only way it will function on Windows Xp. I have 2 External Drives and both of them did this.

    It would be a good Idea to back up all files if possible once a week or month on a DVD Disk or CDR.

    Hope this helps.