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    Hi guys -

    I'm trying to help a friend with his computer. You helped me with mine about a month ago - did a great job. I tried to run through your list of suggestions in your "Read this first" post. (It worked when I did it on my computer). This computer I'm on now is just in trouble. At first I used internet explorer and got so frustrated I downloaded Firefox, but I'm still having difficulties. I can't use Panda. It says "Error on Page". I tried to download Housecall and it said "download complete, button added to browser. Restart browser and click button." I restarted browser and there was no button. I've been attempting this the last few days. I tried to download critical windows updates and it says "Sorry, Windows cannot open this page" I click on the troubleshooting link and a totally blank page pops up. He has McAfee, which I ran and it showed no viruses - which I doubt. Last week he installed Ad Aware 6.0 and an annoying little program called "Stop-the-Pop-Up-Lite". I don't know if they are creating a conflict or what. Also, oddly, when I click on a link and the window pops up, it pops up in the bottom right corner of the screen in a tiny 1-inch window. Don't know why it does that. Any suggestions on how to clean up this computer???
    Thank you once again for your help!

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    The popup stopper could be causing some of the problems, either disable it or uninstall it and try again....

    Then post your hijackthis log anyway ... you've tried to run the programs, that's all we ask.

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