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    Default Trying to upgrade an AMD Atlhon 750 Mhz Processor

    Ok, here is the problem. I can not find anywhere what type of processor I need or the socket type. Iwas told by COMPAQ I could upgrade to a AMD atlhon 1400. There is a large AMD processor box inside the computer, but I don't know if it is a single unit or if the processor is a simple upgrade inside. Most motherbaords that I have seen (which isn't a whole lot), have the processor plug directly into the motherboard. The current machine I am working on, has the black AMD box (heatsink & fan) plug into the motherboard with a PCI (not a PCI but I don't know what that would be called.) type slot. Any direction from here would be greatly appreciated.

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    i dont know if you can upgrade a compaq with just regular parts or if they have to be "supported" or not, but if they arent you could just buy a new mobo and an Athlon 2500, that should cost about 150 US $

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    Atholon CPUs use socket A which can take all AMD Atholon and some Thunderbird CPUs.
    That isn't the problem really. What is is the Bus speed the motherboard is capable of. If it is low then you will not get anywhere the full advantage of a faster chip.
    The bad news is replacing a Mother Board in a compaq. Standard Mobos will probably not fit.
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