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    Default WinXP to Win98 network connectivity

    I have just added a WinXP Pro box into a fully operational Win98SE peer-to-peer network. The 98 network has 4 stations, each of which shares files/printers with all of the others. It's been working nicely for some years.

    The WinXP box sees only one of the Win98 stations, and that one 98 box alone sees the XP box. All of the 4 x 98 boxes continue to see each other and interact properly - just as they have always done. On the XP box I had set up the network by the book, including creating the network stiffie and running the netsetup program on each of the 98 boxes. So, at the moment I have an XP box which is, to all intents and purposes, totally useless. I also, of course, have a customer who is not one bit impressed with WinXP! His system (the 4 x 98 boxes) has been working nicely for years. All of a sudden along comes WinXP and the wheels fall off!

    On Saturday afternoon, when it became apparent that the network problem hadn't gone away, I spent the best part of two hours searching MS's knowledge base for a possible answer to this problem. I found absolutely nothing - just wasted a lot of time and money.

    By a strange coincidence, I was called out to another site on Saturday afternoon where we have a very similar situation - 7 x 98 boxes and one recently installed XP Home box. In this case the XP box actually only really needs to communicate with 2 of the 98 boxes. And this is has been doing quite happily for some months. I must say that it never has seen all of the 98 boxes, but I chose to ignore that little fact since it didn't actually need to see them all. But now, all of a sudden (since early last week, apparently), the XP box has decided not to see one of the 2 x 98 boxes with which it has to communicate.

    So my one problem has suddenly become 2 problems, and both of them have increasingly upset Windows customers at the end of them!

    Now, I have no doubt that there is something that I have done, not done, changed or ignored. But I need some serious help to rack it down. I am aware that MS no longer supports 98, but so far as I am concerned this is not really a 98 problem - the 98 parts of the networks continue to work without a problem - just as they always have. It is XP that seems to be giving the problem.

    I have tried phoning the MS help desk but all they can do is to refer me to their Knowledge Base - a great help!

    So I am hoping to find somebody who knows more about Win XP and Win 98 than Microsoft does.

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    Is service pack 2 installed on the XP computer? There have been numerous problems with it. The xp machine may have its firewall enabled by default. One other suggestion to try. Since the XP machine is joinung the existing group of 98 computers, don't use the xp network wizard.
    see if you can manually configure it to match the 98 computers.

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    Enable netbios over tcp/ip in the TCP/IP protocol settings advanced/wins tab to ensure the Win98-XP clients will resolve the computers because a dns server that registers the win98 machines is not present.

    Some more info at
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