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    Default trojan chost exactadvertising.exe

    My neighbor's Dell running Windows xp won't open any programs. Norton scan was run and trojan chost exactadvertising.exe virus found but computer won't function right. What to do? Thanks

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    Get you friend to read this and follow all the steps given, if after step 4 the problem still is there, get him to post a HJT log. The following are the 'canned' instructions.

    Please refer to this article here and follow ALL instructions as set out. If at the end of the basic procedures you are still having problems, then post a log .. remember to save your HJT program in it's own file eg. c:/Highjackthis .. this enables HJT to save your logs should they need to be reinstalled.

    Also please bare in mind that your log may only be answered between 20.00 GMT and 00.00 GMT ... This is when Steam is on-line in the UK