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    Default CDRW/DVD Drive Problem

    I have problems with my CDRW/DVD Combo (Sumsong) when installing OS windows xp professional. Originally, when first installing this new OS, the drive work well and can read DVD using Realplay or Windows MediaPlayer.

    I would like to update this drive so I download software driver from Sumsong website. After updating CDRW/DVD drive with this downloaded driver, it cannot play DVD using Realplayer or MediaPlayer. For example, There is an error: a prompt asking to download updated software from Realplayer website. But I could not download it at all - saying it is not available. It also stops reading certain software CDs as well?

    However, I tried to format hard disk and reinstall OS windows xp prof from fresh, the problem remains.

    I think my PC CDRW/DVD drive is damaged? Do I need to buy a new drive?

    1. If so, what is the best drive Combo, I should buy?

    2. If not damaged, what I should do to resolve this problem?

    I would very appreciate your kind help.


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    You could try 'rolling back' to your original driver and see if this helps.
    Start>Control Panel>System>Hardware Tab>Device Manager>Click + beside CDRom/DVD Drives>Rt Click device you want to 'Rollback'>Properties>Driver Tab>and there you have the 'Driver Rollback' button. Hopes this helps. Regards.
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    Default CDRW/DVD Drive Problem

    Thanks lots for your prompt advice.

    I have tried to roll back driver, but there a prompt box saying: "No driver files have been backed up for this device". But if I check in the Driver Properties box, it says: "This Device works properly".

    Morever, sometimes I cannot even see that device in Device Manager of the System under Control Panel.

    Any advice would be very appreciated.