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    Default can't format or boot delited hard drive

    Irecently bought this gateway at a garage sale not knowing that the ladie had deleted win.98 off the hard drive.Ihave tried to reinstall win98 from a setup cd I had made earlier.but can't get anywhere.I get error messg.such as ( parameter missing)(fdisk.exe=no fixed disks present)or can't run from DOS.Should I just give up on this thing or is there hope.I really bought it because I like Win.98 for the games I bought earlier.I am retired and thought I would like to tinker around a bit ,but did not know it would be this frustrating.Ready to give up.

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    Sorry but you'll need the 98 OS disc. Regards
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    Try booting up with a Windows Startup Floppy disk.
    I have a feeling that the existing partition may have been removed as a security measure.
    Using FDisk form the floppy you will soon know.
    If one existed delete it and reacreat a fresh DOS partition.
    If there isn't one creat a new one.
    After the partition is created format the disk, again from the floppy.
    After formatting, and again using the StartUp floppy install Windows from a Windows installation CD. (The start up disk temporally allocates Drive E for the CD drive)
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