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    I have installed a DVD rw drive with Nero software but I find that my tray keeps opening and closing and I am sure that is what is making some functions fail. Anyone any ideas please Thank you in anticipation

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    First check the CD. Click Start > Control Panel > System > Device Manager (In XP Device Manager is under Hardware)
    Go to the DVD/CD Rom drive and click on the + . If any line has a yellow exclamation mark it menas the drivers need to be reinstalled.
    If there is right click on that line and choose uninstall. Reboot and windows should find it as new hardware and reinstall the drivers.
    If there isn't then the cause could be a dirty drive in which case buy a CD Drive Cleaning Disk and use it.
    If this fails check the connections.
    If that is ok then chances are the drive is faulty and may need replacing.
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