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    Default HELP-Rundll32 Shows up Twice on my programs list

    I am always getting an error message that I do not have enough memory to open up another program, even though I only have AOL open and I just want to open up MSWord.

    When I click on CONTROL/ALT/DELETE the program called RUNDLL32 shows up twice. When I do a CONTROL/ALT/DELETE and "End Task" on the second Rundll32 I seem to gain more memory.

    1st question - It seems that Rundll32 is an important program but should I have two appearing on the Programs List?

    2nd questions - If it's o.k. to delete one how do I do it without messing up my whole system? I just got back to a pretty stable environment and don't want to get messed up again!!!

    p.s. I am not MS-DOS friendly so if this is in the DOS mode for the fix I will need specific instructions.

    Thanks in advance for your help :*)

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    A good place to start would be finding out what the rundll32's are doing.
    SysInternals has a piece of freeware called "Process Explorer" you can use
    it to find the dlls loaded by a process, the handles it has open, etc. This
    could yield clues.
    There could be registry entries under
    HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run to automatically start
    the rogue processes. Or they could be sitting under
    Start->Programs->Startup. . .

    List each process then check the out by either posting here or doing a google search.

    If a rogue program exists then you can go about ridding the system of it.
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