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    Default Same Hp problem but need more info...

    Ho pavillion, 8276 pent2..300 98 second edt...crashed....wasnt working at all..went to best buy purchased a new hard drive , yes i talked to the computer geeks their, thats what they are called, came home called HP Tech told me yes the drive i purchased will work, I installed it, poof it doesnt click.....the monitor came on b4....the tower wont stay lit, the lights blink, im just wondering if this is a hard drive issue or the mother board went? i would really appreciate any help, if you think i should take it to a computer wiz..instead..thank you for any and all safe.. 8) be u..and get happy...

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    ET2u, Please continue with your original post. All you do is go to the bottom of the page and click on the Post Reply button and submit your response. It is important that you keep the same thread going so that anyone who tries to help know whats been said & done. I will lock this post.