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    Default yahoo messanger problems

    hello all,

    I have a new laptop from this year. it's an IBM thinkpad, with an M processor. 512 ram and about a 40 gig hardrive....welll 40 between the two.

    anyhow, i recently have been having trouble with my yahoo instant messanger. i've uninstalled, deleted, reinstalled the program so many times now (at least 1/2 a dozen).

    the problem is that once i've logged in i can't view the messages that i've typed, or the ones that are being sent to me. it's very strange. i've checked all my font colours and all of that. everything with the program seems to be fine except that i cant see what's being written.

    adn this seems to happen again and again even after i've reinstalled it.

    i can use my msn messanger with no problems....but my yahooo is giving me a lot of grief.

    i can see any offline messages that i may have gotten, but that's it. i can still see who's online, people can contact me, they can read my messages, but i can't see anything that's been entered in the window.

    i've ran a scan on housecall, and i also have f-secure antivirus on my system.

    fyi, i tried to install norton while my fsecure AV was on my system on friday of the past week. this really sort of messed up my computer to the point where i had ot take it to an IT guy, and even he had problems. i think thisis when it got messed up...but im not positive...about 80% sure.

    Thanks to all responses in advance!!!!

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    I can just about guarantee that installing Norton when another Anti Virus program was running did the damage. Norton on it's own does enough.
    As for yahoo you may have to do more than uninstall it. When it is uninstalled the settings and configurations remains in the registry so when you reinstall those settings etc are found.
    So you need to uninstall Yahoo Messenger, Ypager any tool bar and remove every entry for yahoo from the resistry.
    You will loose contacts, username and password so make sure you have them written down somewhere.
    Also check for viruses and trojans. yahoo is a great source for both.
    Once you do get it up and running it is worth investing a few $$$s and buy YTunnel Pro which adds extra security to Yahoo.
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    When you send/receive an instant message and you see the typing notification but no message appears, you most likely have Scripting disabled in your Internet Explorer.

    To enable Scripting:

    Click the Tools menu on your Internet Explorer toolbar, select Internet Options, and select the Security tab.
    Click the "Internet" (Globe) icon and select the Custom Level button.
    Scroll down to "Scripting" and ensure that Active scripting, Allow paste operations via script, and Scripting of Java applets are all enabled.

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    t roberts

    Default the correct scripts are enabled

    hey everyone,

    thanks for the tips! i checked the IE options and everything was working fine. however i do use firefox...and i think that it's my default browswer. i checked for scripts in my firefox...but couldn't find anything on the scripts. im guessing that this isn't the problem though. anyhow, i've uninstalled my yahoo messanger and there's nothing else that came with it (tool bar, popup blocker, etc).

    now, i know how to get in the registry (run>>regedit.....?), but i've never tampered in there b/c i know that you can really mess up a computer by doing that.

    i've looked throught the registry and it seems that there are a ton of folders adn values on yahoo. im just not sure which ones i should delete. there are so many and it seems that i likely haven't even found them all.

    if i could be informed on which ones i need to get rid of that would be great!

    Thanks a lot!