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    Default Trouble connecting to

    I have a challenge for the wonderful people here. My company cannot connect to the Go Daddy family of sites and we cannot get email. The tech support has been close to useless. No one has heard of this problem. Can someone suggest to me what could be the solution to the problem or direct me to a more appropriate forum?

    Here is summary of the problem and possible related facts:

    We switched our domain name hosting and email from XO to Go Daddy on Friday. The problem was discovered on Sunday after the transfer had taken effect.

    No computer in our office can connect (via IE or Safari exlporers) to the family of Go Daddy sites (ie,,, etc.) except on a very limited basis (ie a 20 minute period in the course of 12 hours).

    Outlook cannot send or receive email except after one of those 20 minutes of service. Then Outlook on my PC can send and receive as long as don't close it. It's like Outlook has established a pathway through whatever is blocking us.

    This only effects computers at our location. If we go home and use our personal connections to the Internet everything works fine. Nothing about our computer setup has changed since Friday. All that has changed is hosting of our website and email.

    At work we use DSL provided by XO. XO tech support has rebooted our router. They do not cache DNS names. XO tech can reach the godaddy sites just fine. XO can run a traceroute to from their location and reach (an ATT server). I can run a traceroute from my computer and reach the same point.

    We browse any other website just fine. Before Sunday, I had been able to access my personal email from work for over the past year. My personal email is hosted by godaddy.

    Go Daddy claims they do not block IP addresses from browsing their website. If I use to mask our IP, we can load the site and their sister companies' sites.

    Go Daddy support has been virtually useless. We are probably going to switch providers again, but I am still curious what could cause this kind of problem. If you could suggest a cause for this problem and a solution that would be wonderful. Or if you could suggest a more appropriate forum that would be great.

    Sorry for the length (trying to be thorough) and I would appreciate any help or suggestions



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    Hi Chris - Unfortunately I don't have the answer to your problem but...
    go to Google and Search 'Go Daddy', when the results come up scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on 'search within results' and enter 'problems'. You say you are considering another move, from some of the comments it may be sensible to. Not wishing to appear negative but having browsed a bit there seems more bad than good. If you're not fed up enough already you could go here - Regards
    If you check back here someone may be able to come up with some alternatives.
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    It sounds like the router, as supplied by your previous provider, has been configured only to work with their system or with another provider on a limited basis.
    The simple solution is use another one.
    The more complex solution is get someone in who can reconfigure it.
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    Default My godaddy sites won't work either


    I am trying to log on the godaddy network as well, and fail to even open up the page. I did a DNS trace route as well and get cuaght up at also.

    Thing is, I have nothing to do with GoDaddy hosting, just email. Everything has been working fine for the last few months since connecting via LAN for broadband services.

    GoDaddy support was quite useless, since is on their servers and they tell me it has to do with my machine.

    Anybody know what to do?

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    I would suggest that GoDaddy should go!! Obviously they aren't able to service their product and as mentioned above there are alot of negative references.