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    Default system restore

    Hi I have windows XP home edition on and my pc my ISP is AOL I am also on broadband things were fine until a few days ago now I can't use system restore when I try to restore my computer to an earlier date it comes back system restore has not been completed please try a different date but i have now run out of dates is there anything I can do without reformatting the PC

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    Could you tell us exactly what the problem is? Also information on your PC may help. Have you had any error messages?

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    Default restore

    According to directions on system restore and what i have read on some on the messege boards.
    If youre system restore refuses to restore, one of the problems can be that you have a virus or more them one in youre restore dates when they were entered on youre system restore.
    The fix for this is to go to system restore and turn it off. Then restart youre computer and this will wipe all youre system restore dates off the system restore program along with any virus that were in these restore points. Now you havent any restore points, turn youre system restore back on and you start from there with new restore points.
    Ive never had to do this yet but if you are in boubt go to system restore and click the help menue and it will tell you this. I think if nothing else its a good way to remove virus's that are in youre system.

    Cordialy Jay

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    System restore requires a minimum of 200 meg.
    For it to have 200 meg you need around 1 gig free.
    Add room for Virtual memory, temp files the min space required starts to add up.
    If all these requirements are not met then no points are created.
    Bottom line is never let availble free space on a HD drop below 20%.
    Next question is why did you need to restore?
    Last question is why use the world's worse Online provider.
    Oh AOL IS NOT an ISP.
    ISP stands for INTERNET Service Provider and AOL is not the Internet.
    It is a seperate propietry online service that provides a gateway to the real net under it's own restrictions.
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