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    Default d:\ is not accessible

    :cry: d:\ is not accessible. Why? and how do I fix it?

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    Hi me7824

    The cause of your problem could be one of many. Without a thorough investgation it could be diffcult to fix. It could a loose wire somewhere, dirty lens, faulty device, anything almost.

    As a start you could try updating the IDE Controller driver for the motherboard. It might be worth contacting the manufacturer for the latest drivers for your chipset (Intel maybe) and asking them.

    Update all other drivers generally as well.

    If you go to the manufacturer's website you can enter your service tag number and maybe get help that way. The IDE driver is sometimes known as the chipset driver.

    Unfortunately we can't help without more details. We'll be guessing. Please post again with as much information of your problem as possible (what you do, what happens when you do it, exact full error messages you see on screen etc.)

    Please also give details of your computer build - make, model, processor, operating system, programs you use, peripherals etc.

    Plus whatever else you can think of.

    The more information you can give the easier it will be for us to help you.

    Hope this helps. Please post again here with updates and we'll give you other ideas if the problem persists.

    Best of luck.