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    Lately my computers become pretty slow, compared to how it was before. I havent upgraded any software or anything. I tried to delete some big files from the computer, games etc but its still pretty slow. As in it will take like double the normal time to open any program or to shut down. Wht shud i do to make it faster? Plus, I did a system defragmentation coz i heard it makes it faster by freeing up space but there was no change.

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    The ram you have for XP is not enough for the pc to run smooth
    Xp runs best with min 512 Ram, But will run ok with 256 Ram
    have you also done a disk clean, you could try AD-aware to see if you have any Malware spyware slowing your system down
    Also spybot

    spybot download

    Spybot tutorial

    Ad-aware download

    If you go for more Ram go to and scan to see what ram you need, if you put Ram in yourself make sure you first turn off pc
    place your hands on Metal outer casing to remove any static
    If you need to find out make model of your motherbard download
    Belarc Adviser

    you could also alter items loading on start up, see below Blackviper

    If you go to site black viper gives a list of how to set up start up programs, PLEASE READ list and options before you alter anything.

    And best to stick to SAFE option

    link black viper

    Regards Stoney

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    There are a number or reasons your PC will go slow. Programs running in the background are a major factor. Control+Alt+Delete will bring up Windows Task Manager this will give you an idea how much is going on. Go to Start>Run> type in 'msconfig' (without the ' ') click on the startup tab and uncheck all unnecessary programs.

    You could go to Black Viper, an excellent source on ms configurations, read the instructions and then I suggest you select the 'Safe' column. Then you can go to and check out other configurations.

    Apart from regular maintenance (Config & disk cleanup) the best tip I can give you is to increase your RAM. 256 is considered the minimum for XP better if you had 512. XP is a resource hog, I'm surprised your PC is functioning at all.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default sorry

    I am so sorry, I just discovered my system is 256MB RAM. Plus I have tried disk cleanup, and i do check ad-aware regularly. I'l try black Viper now.

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    Also check and disable the following.
    Any auto update except your Virus and Firewall.
    Fast Find if you have Office
    Window Indexing.
    RealSched if running
    Other causes are having too many fonts in the font folder. Evertime an application starts it scans that folder and any more then the default fonts that came with Windows will slow a system.
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