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    Default Windows ME hang-up

    I have a PC running Windows ME on which I tried to install a new printer. Something went wrong during the instllation and now, when the machine boots up I get the message:-

    "Updating your configuration files. This may take a few minutes".

    Then I get the message:-

    Windows cannot copy file %1 to %2

    If I leave it, this message gets repeated.

    The machine will not start up in Safe Mode, it just seems to 'hang on the splash screen but I can hear the disk being accesed on a frequnet and regular basis.

    It's a second-hand machine with no OS software disk - just a recovery utility which offere to restore to the point before the abortive driver installation, but does not seem to do this because as it reboots the same old messages appear and the same restore point is available.

    Ha sanyone got any ideas how I can revive the machine or recover the situation?


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    Try this from the Microsoft MSKB although it tells you to do it in windows since you can't boot into it we'll have to do it this way..

    If you can, boot into Command Prompt Only by turning the PC totally off. Then turn it on, as soon as you turn it on just keep TAPPING the F8 button until you get the boot menu. Select "command prompt only" and hit enter. If the above doesn't work you can download a windows 98 boot floppy from which will work just the same.

    Once at a command prompt type these commands..*note* Commands you type are in red, everything in black text is part of the command prompt..

    C:>cd windows <press enter>
    C:\windows>attrib -h -s wininit.ini <press enter>
    C:\windows>ren wininit.ini wininit.old

    After the successful renaming of the wininit file you may exit the command prompt and see if you can reboot into windows.

    If not, you can read this MSKB article to see how to start the system restore function in windows from the command prompt...

    Hope this has helped.