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    I inherited a computer with an expired System Works on it. I uninstalled it and bought System Works 2005, but it will not load. When it try to install it I get an error messege that it "cannot find file ccSetMgr.exe", and when I go to for their automated tech support about this it asks me about my expired subscription. I tried going into the program files and deleting all files associated with Norton and Symantec, but when I rebooted my system it would only come up in Safe Mode. Can I download in Safe Mode? (without frying my system). How do I get rid of this? I don't want to renew the old subscription (it's not mine), I want to set up my own account. I've tried to find solutions at without success. I also sent an e-mail to Symantec customer support, but I have not heard back from them yet. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm willing to try about anything.

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    Just doing a quick search for this entry I found it is a part of Norton:
    "Common Client Settings Manager Service"

    I suggest that you do a search on the Norton Site for the version of Norton you are using. Need to look for their instructions on the version you are trying to remove. Norton seems to love making it hard to delete. Simply deleting it from the control panel, usually leaves entries in the registry, thus causing problems. Hopefully completely removing the old one will let you install the new one.

    Many of here would not use Norton, even it was free, but their are people that do use it and like it. I, myself, use AVG free anti virus(have the last 2 years-, there are a number of us here that use it)

    I had Norton for 2 years, never liked it. What ever Anti Virus you choose, just besure that you keep it up to date.


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    There is a registry removal program that I used to remove all traces of Norton from the computer that I found on Symantec's web site. You must uninstall the program through the control panel and through system works, then use the reg edit, reboot inbetween the different steps.

    good luck