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    Default What is the a NMTracew.dll , and how can I reinstall it?

    When I first turn my computer on, I get a message stating that the NMTracer.dll Was not found, and to reinstall it. Does anyone know what this means, and whst I need to do to get that annoying message to stop.
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    Hi Greer

    You have (or did have) intruders on your system.

    Please go to the link below and follow ALL procedures. This may help eliminate some or all of your remaining problems.

    Note – you will need IE4 or higher to run the procedures set out there AND your ActiveX controls turned ON. ActiveX may be an issue when using XP/MS2003 programs as ActiveX controls could be switched OFF by default.

    To ensure your system is clean after following those procedures then……

    1. ensure you have the latest version of “hijackthis”
    2. run the program through your computer
    3. store the resulting log safely in case future reference is needed to it [e.g. on C drive as C:\hijackthis].
    4. Post the log back to this thread using copy and paste. [Use the POST REPLY button at the foot of this thread]

    One of our resident HJT experts will review your log and give specific directions as to remove any lingering problems.

    This all may be a lengthy process but follow it through. It will have results.

    Also keep a watch on this post as it may be moved by one of our moderators to another part of the site, maybe the “Spyware” forum.

    Hope this helps and do let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes.