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    Emma R

    Default can not get the VML (Vector Graphic Rendering to load

    I downloaded Internet Explorer 6 and the VML will not complete the download I have tried everything. MS doesn't seem to be able to help they told me I did not have Enternet Explorer 6 downloaded as the registry is still saying I have Enternet Explorer 5.
    For some reason I guess that is the only part that will not download
    I do not know why.
    Can anyone help me?


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    This is a problem specific to ME.

    Try this: First you need to be able to see hidden files so go to My Computer - Tools - Folder Options - View:
    - Select "Show hidden files and folders", click Apply - OK

    Open Winows explorer and create a folder named "Old uninstall".

    Go to folder C:/Program Files/Internet Explorer/Uninstall Information.
    Select All - Copy all files.

    Open "Old uninstall" folder and paste the files.

    Return to C:/Program Files/Internet Explorer/Uninstall Information.
    Select All - Delete all files.

    You will now be able to install all the troublesome components.

    If everything works as expected, you can delete the "Old Uninstall" folder
    and the files you moved.

    This info comes from another source and according to the person this advice was given to it worked. I have not tried it so you may be wise to create a restore point before proceeding.
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