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    I just bought new PC; Dell Dimension, 2400, with Windows xp Pro. I had used Eudora on my old PC and downloaded a newer version to the Dell.

    QUESTION: How do I transfer data, settings etc., from old PC to Dell? Thanks in advance.

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    Hi pv,

    As far as transferring your various settings, in each program you should look for Import/Export and save the exported files to disk. When setting up these programs on your new PC, go to the same place and Import the files from CD. For example, in Outlook you would go to Tools>Accounts> highlight each account separately and click the export button .. from there you can save to a file and then save that file (call it e-mail accounts or whatever) to disk.

    As far as other data, it is always a good idea to have a copy of all your data files on disk, so you would use these to transfer to the new PC. Also remember to save to disk any updates you have downloaded for programs, this can save a lot of time instead of going through the whole download process. No need to save Microsoft updates as your starting fresh with XP Pro.

    Hope this helps.

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    I am not sure if Eudora has a the facility to back up and restore all the data so follow this procedure.
    With Eudora installed under Windows 2000/XP, the default location to install the application is still under Program Files, but the data files are stored separately. Data files are kept in the "User's Application Data folder" (typically "C\Documents and Settings\'username'\Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora", where "username" is your Windows 2000 or XP computer login name).

    The Windows 2000/XP Application Data folder most often has the hidden attribute. Which means you will not be able to view it by default in in Windows Explorer or My Computer, unless you've configured those tools to display hidden objects. There are good reasons, why you might want to explore the folder where your Eudora data is stored; in particular, the email attachments that you've received are here, in the Attach sub-folder (unless, of course, you've told Eudora to store attachments elsewhere). To make this easier, Eudora creates a shortcut to your Eudora data folder in the Application Data folder's parent folder, which is typically "C\Documents and Settings\"username".

    If you are not able to do the above then you will need to copy the following files from your old Eudora directory to the new directory where you installed it:

    Mailboxes: Everything with the .mbx extension and the corresponding files with .toc extensions. If you have an .mbx file with no .toc, Eudora will rebuild the table of contents from the mailbox file.

    Spelling Dictionary files: If you have added, removed, or changed any words in the spelling dictionary you will want to move: usuggest.tlx, uignore.tlx, and uchange.tlx.

    Folders: If you created any, these are directories with the .fol extension. Recreate the folders in your new Eudora and copy the contents over

    Nicknames: nndbase.txt (and any .txt files in the nickname subdirectory)

    Signatures: any files in the Sigs folder.

    Filters: filters.pce

    Settings: eudora.ini

    Junk Training file: The UserJunkDB.txt stores the manual training of Junked and NOt Junked messages. This file is located in Eudora's plugin folder.

    Stationery: Files with the .sta extension. Put them in the stationery folder

    Attachments: These are in the directory you specified under Tools:Options:Attachments. If this is just the "Attach" subdirectory of Eudora, go ahead and move it to the new Eudora directory. If it is somewhere else, just go back into Tools: Options: Attachments and reassign it to the same directory.

    NOTE ON MOVING ATTACHMENTS: Eudora marks the message with where it saved the attachment file at the time it was downloaded and decoded. If you later move a file to a different directory, you will not be able to launch that attachment from within the message in Eudora. You will have to launch the file manually from within Windows Explorer. So it is very important to maintain the correct directory structure if you wish to maintain the same functionality on both machines
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