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    Default xp keyboard unistalled/ mouse & keyboard stucked

    i am using xp while i hve uinsatlled the (software) computer watchdog form my system it asked for reboot when i reboot it goes to scandisk mode when i press esc it not stopped becse my keyboard and all stops working what does the problem it may be is it requrid keyboard dll is missing how do i install it without reinstall the os tell me more about this

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    Hi coolguy, not sure I understand your post correctly but this is how I'm reading it :

    You've uninstalled some software called Watchdog.
    After the uninstall you got a message telling you to re-boot your computer.
    When you re-booted, scandisk started.
    You pressed Escape to exit from scandisk and your keyboard stopped working.

    Question : did you allow scandisk to complete or did you press Escape to exit before it finished ?

    I'd try booting into Safe Mode : switch your computer on and keep tapping the F8 key until you get a black screen with a number of options. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to highlight Safe Mode and press Enter.
    If scandisk runs then let it complete, it may take a while but at least you'll know if there are any problems with your hard drive.
    If you can't use your keyboard to select a boot option then that's probably because you are using an enhanced keyboard with its own drivers. In that case you may have to fit a standard PS2 keyboard and re-install the software for your enhanced one.

    Post back with the results and a bit more information about your system and we'll take it from there.

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    It sounds like Computer Watchdog has removed a system DLL.
    The simplest solution is download a new set of drivers for the keyboard.
    You can find them at
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