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    Default Iexplore not responding

    I have used the "launch internet explorer browser" on my pc while using my isp/wmconnect. 2days ago, explorer would not launch. Please help me

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    Sorry to hear of your problem but unfortunately we can't help without more details. Please post again with as much information of your problem as possible (what you do, what happens when you do it, full error messages you see on screen etc.)

    Have any changes taken place recently? New programs added/downloaded? SP2 for example (although unlikely as you say "SP1" in your details)? Did everything work well before?

    Plus whatever else you can think of.

    The more information you can give the easier it will be for us to help you.

    If you are using XP can you roll the system back to an earlier time before the problem appeared? If so remember that you may lose updates and other changes that happened between then and now. Make a note of them as you may have to replace changes after any roll back "system restore".

    To post again here use the "postreply" button at the foot of this thread.

    Hope this is useful to you. Best wishes.