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    Default freezing computer

    I don't know how to clean out my computer. I want to reboot, but don't have the Windows 98 to reinstall. I have Mcfee as a Virus Protection, and it say's there are no virus found on computer. But something seems to keep writting to my computer. I also had Norton, and thought I deleted it, but as I was doing something online, it all of a sudden started running a scan. I stopped it of course. Why does my computer freeze all the time even though I cleaned out the stuff I don't use. Please Help. Thanks. :x

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    Hi lizard66

    sounds like Norton is one of the probs, with norton it is not easy to uninstall, as even when you remove from Add/Remove programs it still leaves a lot behind, BTW when you say you deleted Norton did you actually uninsatall from Add/Remove programs.

    I think the first thing i would do is go to symantec site and look up how to remove your version of norton have you looked in Add/remove to see if norton is in there

    After you have removed norton correctly and it can be a real pig of a program to uninstall, then i would take a look at the link below you may have spyware Malware on your PC and follow all procedures

    HERE First follow All procedures

    Also if you press Ctrl + Alt + Delete what do you see running the background

    PLEASE READ if you follow all proedures at the above link and still have problems and need to post a H/jack log please keep to this Thread
    use the post reply button at bottom post it back here and one of the moderators will move it to the spyware Forum

    Regards Stoney

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    Most HP computers come with a recovery disk. This disk usually contains all the files needed to restore the system back to factory defaults.
    If you are luck you may have one the allows seperate installations of the operating system.
    If not then backup all your data as you will lose the lot.
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